Dylan Weinberger

Case Study

Sabo Loves Court

I was comissioned by Courtney Weinberger and Michael Sabolinski to create their website. They were not interested in a traditional wedding website but instead wanted a functional piece of art. A beautiful container for the information about their weddings. They wanted it to be elegant, whimsical, and funny. Something out of a Wes Anderson movie.

Much of the inspiration for the color scheme and the design came from their save the date. I drew the envelope the sent the save the dates in illustrator and used an svg animation technique to have their names drawn onto the envelope when a visitor loads the homepage. The vintage New York postcards are the same as the postcards they used for their save the date. There are also several symbols like the olive branch that they used in these invitations

The site is broken down into several pages. The home page has all the pertinent information. The details page has information on the date, time, venue, hotels, travel, food, and dress code. The photo gallery is images taken from their engagment photos. Their is a RSVP page for guests to contact the couple and even request a song. And their is an exclusive Q & A with the bride and groom.

The page was developed mobile first and has a strong responsive design. The base code is written in HTML:5. I used Sass to compile the CSS. I wrote the back end contact form code in PHP. I wrote the navigation menu animation in jQuery. I wanted to use as little Javascript as possible to maintain strong performance. The site is hosted on Amazon Web Services. For the design mockups, wireframes, and image processing and editing I used Adobe Illustrator and GimpShop.