Dylan Weinberger

Case Study

M.E.W. Law

I was comissioned by the MEW law firm in Rockville Centre, New York to redesign their website, logo, and implement the development.

They wanted a much more modern and trust worthy looking website. I started by updating their navigation menu. Created a responsive and animated design creating a much more sleek clean feel from the begining. I updated the color scheme to use different shades of blue, gray, and white to create a more trust worthy feeling to the site. For their main page I created an image slider instantly making the site much more modern.

I redesign their logo using Illustrator. I used the trustworthy blue color that is reused throughout the site. Bold, strong, professional fonts were used and underneath I added their tagline "We'll Fight For You."

The page was developed mobile first and has a strong responsive design. The base code is written in HTML:5. I used Sass to compile the CSS. I wrote the back end contact form code in PHP. I wrote the navigation menu animation in jQuery. I wanted to use as little Javascript as possible to maintain strong performance. The site is hosted on Amazon Web Services. For the design mockups, wireframes, and image processing and editing I used Adobe Illustrator and GimpShop.

The firm is in the process of getting new photographs and a promotional video taken. Those will be implemented seamlessly into the redesign once they are ready.