Dylan Weinberger

Case Study

Josh Hambrock Portfolio

Chicago based actor and musician Josh Hambrock wanted a sleek, modern, and minimal site to showcase his work and gain more exposure to the acting and music scene.

We created a very simple design together that he was happy with immediately. His photo gallery slider runs on pure CSS and each photo can be clicked on to get a larger image. Once his soundcloud is up an running we will be using their API to have his music directly on his music page.

The page was developed mobile first and has a strong responsive design. The base code is written in HTML:5. I used Sass to compile the CSS. I wrote the back end contact form code in PHP. I wrote the navigation menu animation in jQuery. I wanted to use as little Javascript as possible to maintain strong performance. The site is hosted on Amazon Web Services. For the design mockups, wireframes, and image processing and editing I used Adobe Illustrator and GimpShop.

Josh is in the process of creating a reel which will be seamlessly intergrated into the multimedia page.